Analysis: How should we bring people into SolarPunk?

Alright. This is my first go at analyzing the results of a Polis poll. Overall there were 34 participants who entered 23 comments for voting, and 573 total votes were cast. Not bad for a random idea that popped into my head one afternoon. Many thanks to everyone who participated! Let’s dig into it. Consensus … Read more

Poll: How should we bring new people into SolarPunk?

Kicking us off, we’re starting with a broad question that applies to SolarPunk as a whole. What do you think is the most SolarPunk way to recruit people to our way of thinking? How did you wind up here? Note which positions of others you agree or disagree with, and be sure to write your … Read more

Hello world!

This is the FutureLab Consensus Project. Our goal is to use soft technologies to identify areas of consensus within the SolarPunk community, as well as areas where we don’t have a clear consensus to focus our discussions. Ultimately our goal is to form a snapshot of the direction that SolarPunk is headed, in the form … Read more